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WindSurf Turbine

In order to overcome the drawbacks of currently available wind technologies, Swift TG Energy has developed a new concept wind turbine, the WindSurf. This is an innovative next generation vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT), designed to meet the growing demand for cost effective, wide-scale wind energy. 

Unlike other VAWT turbines, the WindSurf is capable of self-starting and able to generate energy over a wide range of speeds. It uses advanced blade pitch control technology, allowing operators to tune individual turbines for their individual and grid demands.  It also has a unique control algorithm with both aerodynamic lift and drag characteristics in order to utilise more of the available wind envelope.

The WindSurf can essentially operate anywhere; it is suitable for urban environments which other turbines fail to manipulate. Current wind turbine devices need clean, uninterrupted, predictable airflow, however the WindSurf is suited to small areas with uneven wind flow. As these are often close to dwellings and industrial buildings, it is quiet enough to comply with noise restrictions. 

The WindSurf is able to operate in untapped wind resource areas, including: 
  • Urban brownfield sites
  • Plots on industrial parks
  • Sites in close proximity to industrial premises
  • Low level infill of current HAWT wind farms
There is no other turbine available that uses an active pitch control in such robust embodiment, or the enhanced control algorithm. Nor is there any other VAWT offering the same output for the small footprint of the WindSurf. Truly innovative, using cutting edge technology, the Windsurf offers the next generation of wind technology.